Telescope Giveaway for Month of May

Telescope Giveaway for the complete month of May. At the end of the month I will pick a winner and ship the telescope anywhere in the world. No cost at all. How to enter: Leave some kind of a creative comment on this video. It can be about telescopes, astronomy or why you would like a telescope. It can also be about any of my other subjects or a project idea. I would prefer to give this telescope away to a young adult or child who is interested in astronomy but that is not mandatory. If you are an adult and already have a telescope but would like to contribute while bowing out of the giveaway then put a star or asterisk * at the beginning of your comment so I know. And thanks for contributing. I will pick a winner on June 1st. If you are under age you will need a parents permission so I can get a name and address to ship this scope to you. The telescope I am giving away is the tall one in the middle. It is a 60mm refractor and I will send it complete with tripod, right angle prism, barlow lens and two eyepieces. Good luck and if you are interested in astronomy visit my website at

25 Responses to “Telescope Giveaway for Month of May”

  1. vishaliceman1990 says:

    pick me pick me pick me !
    young [Check] !
    into astronomy [check] !

    Not gonna check out my neighbor’s daughter [Can’t Promise ! 😛 ]
    Waiting for the telescope 😀
    Thank u 😀

  2. anonymviolin says:

    Im reading naturesciense at high school level in sweden. Ive choosed to study a “Modern Physics” course at 100 hours. In that course we studied some astrophysics. Can’t say I didnt find that interesting!

    Couldnt fit it all in one comment…

  3. anonymviolin says:

    It would be great too be able to look at stars and planet through a telescope – never used one so far. And maybe use it for counting little in astrophysics.
    I wouldnt say that i have a burning interest for astronomy/astrophysic but i sure find it interesting and could very well become a good hobby.

  4. MichelleHernandezTV says:

    Hi, I’m in my late teens and I really, really, really like astrology. I hope, want, need this telescope. “Choose me please!”

    I’ve always wanted a telescope but I’ve never been able to use one and this is a giveaway I’m super excited about 😀 because it’s the opportunity I’ve been waiting for to get a telescope. I know that my family, friends and I would spend lots of time watching the sky with this telescope. *I’m just a beginner 🙂

  5. MichelleHernandezTV says:

    I’m a young adult 🙂 ! + I like astrology + I don’t have a telescope + I want to win this telescope so much!!!!!

  6. iDMCTouch says:

    Nice telescopes now I can see your tuturials better. But keep the great video’s coming, See you NeXT time I got to go feed my dog.
    😀 😀 😀

  7. CRAZYtIeRg11 says:

    Dear epic fantasy,
    My name is Tierney and im 12 years old. Summer is almost here and there are a lot of nights that have no clouds…. and during those nights i like to go outside for a good five minutes and look at the stars. I think that they are so pretty…. unfortunately my sister had a telescope but it broke. 🙁 and i love astronomy, so yeah… um ok so if ure reading thi i hop u like it. ok bye bye

    Sincerely Tierney

    oh yeah P.S. thank you for making these tuts… cya!

  8. zosoispage22 says:

    It would be really cool to win that telescope because not everyone has the money plus I like to spend life doing something worthwhile and really experience life and knowledge. Not too many people pay attention to that infinity above us every night.

  9. trichognosis says:

    I need this to keep an eye on Betelgeuse. It’s not doing so good lately.

  10. MichelleHernandezTV says:

    I want this telesope but I can’t give you tips/ideas because I’m just a beginner and I’m pretty sure most of your viewers know more about astrology but I’ve been wanting a telescope but for some reason I’ve never had one nor used any but a telescope is something I would LOVE to get which is why I want to win this giveaway!!!
    Science is my favorite subject in school and I enjoy learning about Astrology but I wish I could know more that’s why I want this telescope.

  11. MrFlameboy0218 says:

    Hey! My name is John and i am 12 years old and i really want to look at the planets and the solar sstem and i am really into astronomy and i really want to see, it’s going to be my first time ACTUALLY seeing it so…
    I am really waiting for the telescope!!!
    Thanks!!! 😀
    (Peace out… :D)

    p.s: i really liked the thing when you made the model of the solar system in telescope!!!

  12. zzSHADOWzzSHADEzz says:

    I want the telescope because space is like a cave waiting to be discovered and the stars, a beautiful flower waiting to be picked.

  13. DragonXHero says:

    – Hey young adult. Nice givaway, interesting video, always wanted a telescope but never could get one so um here-

    Look at your comment, now back to mine. Now back to your comment, now back to mine. Sadly, your comment isn’t mine. But if you stop commenting other things and made this your comment, your comment could be mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on youtube, looking at the comment that could be yours.

  14. crescentgroup2000 says:

    This is wonderful and educative means of getting the information to the right audience. You have show and care for other who want to tread the path to heaven but lack basic tools to peep into the heaven gate. Thanks once again

  15. crescentgroup2000 says:

    This is wonderful and educative means of getting the information to the right audience. You have show and care for other who want to tread the path to heaven but lack basic tools to peep into the heaven gate. Thanks once again

  16. amdenca0404 says:

    I’m 14 yrs old and I go to your sites all the time. My fav. astronomical form is the Planetary Nebula NGC 2438. I like the stars kind of staring back.

  17. nohaxor13 says:

    Wow,, that telescope is really cool!! i am so curious about the the outer space, stars, and other astronomical things , by the way i’m just sharing my curiosity

    Sir your project are so cool!! and i like your dragonslayer rocket luancher

  18. billyryan100 says:

    i love you i love looking at the stars but i d ont have a telescope i am only 12 please pick me i love wachting your videos

  19. billyryan100 says:

    i love read anstranmy books

  20. kramdooh says:

    i love to have a telescope because i love looking at all the planets , nebulas and constalations. I have always wondered what is happening in space and i hope to get the telescope

  21. crazymommylife says:

    I would love to win this for my kids!! I am a young homeschooling mom of 3 and I know we would get a lot of use out of it 🙂

  22. mrbaseballman78 says:

    I’m 11years old and my favorite subject in school is science. Most ppl hate school and don’t have a favorite so I’m not lying. I would love to win that telescope so I can show my science teacher what I have learned about the sky and the planets and the stars. I mostly would love to look at the little dipper through a telescope and not from my window Ps I LOVE Science

  23. mrbaseballman78 says:

    I also gave u a five ***** rating

  24. eman1662 says:

    i am 13 years old an i allways wanted a telescop but my mom codent get it but it was to expensive so ….i think this is a wounderful apetuty for me because i have always wanted one i think astronomy is the most asom thing that we have on this earth becaus we con see othe plantes a differnt constilations in the night time sky………………… thats all i have to say .chose me pleazzzz i realy want a telescope realy bad so thats why rote this messige….thank you…..have a good day….!

  25. mrbaseballman78 says:

    I’m writing another message because I want to show you how much this telescope really means to me I love astronamy with the constilations and the planets I would love to win this plzzZ pick me but if you don’t I don’t care because I’m use to losing I’ve never one anything even close to this so I understand your probably a busy guy.( Thx so much for your time) love your videos (peace out)

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